We provide everything you need to know about gardening.:


A to Z of gardening

Easy to use because everything is in alphabetical order, you’ll find detailed descriptions and cultivation instructions for hundreds of plants, explanations of essential gardening terminology, and instructions on gardening techniques plus loads of information that will help you to make your garden more beautiful.


Each main plant entry contains a descriptive introduction, followed by details of a selection of the most popular species and varieties for British gardens so that you have a good chance of growing specimens that equal or perhaps surpass the beautiful accompanying illustrations. Under the headings of Cultivation, Propagation, Pruning, Harvesting and storing, and Pests and diseases, you will then find out how to grow and nurture your plants.

Pests and diseases

This section outlines the most common pests and problems that can assail your plants and offers the most effective remedies.

Jobs in the garden

Month by month, see the main tasks you should be doing in the garden so that your garden looks its best throughout the year. From planting and pricking out to clearing and digging, this straightforward guide will take you through the delight of each season.