Acaricides are pesticides that kill ticks, mites and closely related groups of invertebrates, which belong to the class arachnid and subclass Acari.

Acaricides have been implemented in numerous attempts to impede poaching by rhinoceros. They have been opted to be harmless for the oxpeckers, rhino, vultures and the other flora and fauna in the conserved ecosystem.

Acaricides has its own applications in both agriculture and  medicine, either independently or in combination with other controlling agents to inhibit the population of ticks in its habitat.

Acaricides used for control of ticks might comprise dynamic ingredients such as bifenthrin, carbaryl, cyfluthrin, permethrin and pyrethrin. These chemicals are occasionally termed as acaricide insecticides. However, ticks are arachnids and not insects, which is technically incorrect.


Only few acaricides are accessible in markets for household applications whereas remaining could be available only for licensed applicators. Moreover, hiring a professional for application purposes is necessary.